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Art Solicitation for Ann Arbor Powwow 2014

Art Solicitation for Ann Arbor Powwow 2014

Art Solicitation for Ann Arbor Powwow 2014


We have begun to solicit artwork for the 42nd annual Dance for Mother Earth Ann Arbor Powwow. The Ann Arbor Powwow is the second largest university powwow in the United States and attracts nearly one thousand participants every year. Additionally, close to ten thousand spectators attend, so it presents a wonderful opportunity for exposure for the selected artist.

The Powwow Committee would like to invite a submission from you and/or any other artists that you are in contact with. The artwork that is selected by the Powwow Committee will be used on all 42nd Annual Powwow posters, t-shirts and other merchandise.

The artist whose work is selected will receive one of the following awards (artist’s choice): a) payment of $300.00 and free access to one table in the exhibitor’s gallery for the two days of the Powwow (a $300 value) or b) a $600.00 payment. In addition, the artist will receive credit on all publicity for their artwork and a full bio/publicity page in the Powwow program. All artists who submit artwork will receive two free weekend passes to the Ann Arbor Powwow.

Artwork should be appropriate for the powwow theme, which is “Dance for Mother Earth.” It should be simple enough that it can be easily screened. No more than FOUR colors may be used. Submissions can be made via mail or digitized and sent via e-mail. The Powwow Committee will need to secure full use rights for the artwork that is selected. Please DO NOT send original artwork, as the Powwow Committee will not be responsible for returning all pieces.

Submissions will need to be received by January 5th, 2014 and we hope to notify the selected artist by January 13th, 2014. Any questions can be directed to the Native American Student Association at

We look forward to your submission!

The Ann Arbor Powwow

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